Thursday, 18 August 2011

I is for Islands, J is for Jam

I is for Islands, because I seem to be drawn to them. I once read that we Brits love the sea because we live on an island, and I think that makes sense. I have always loved the sea and still want to live near it, but I also love hills and dales, rivers, lakes and rolling fields. When I have planned holidays, I find myself going to islands far more than mainland places, as they seem to offer the perfect holiday - a microcosm of wondrousness in a neat parcel. We find that we can drive between the coast, mountains or hills, the main town, small villages and peaceful countryside in a day, and we love the variety. Mallorca is one of our favourites. We stay up in the mountains in Soller, and each day drive to somewhere completely different and amazing.
Beautiful Cuber Lake, Mallorca
We also love the Greek Islands, and nearer to home, the Isle of Wight and Anglesey. We honeymooned on Zanzibar, the island I had longed to visit, since reading a book as a teenager that was set there.
Compton Bay, Isle of Wight
I have a list of islands I still want to visit - Sicily, Corsica, Jersey and Guernsey, more Greek islands, Madeira etc etc.

J is for Jam, because George and I love making and eating it. So far this year, we have made raspberry, apricot and redcurrant, damson and orange from Nic at Nip it in the Bud's recipe, wild greengage and yesterday, lemon and lime marmalade. We can never wait to try it, and this morning we woke our tastebuds up with the marmalade - WOW! I can't imagine buying jam now- it's just not the same, and as George and I love tangy flavours, we always put a bit less sugar than the recipe states, so shop jam is just too sweet.
Lemon & Lime Marmalade
Jams in the pipeline are rhubarb and ginger, blackberry and apple and possibly strawberry. Some of each batch is earmarked for the Polly and Abbie Garage Sale for Lurcher SOS, as well as loads of yummy homemade dog treats.
Beefy Bears 'n' Bones

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