Monday, 8 August 2011


My very first post on my blog!

Today it has rained and I felt yuck - I've had a tummy bug for a couple of days - so what better time to start a blog! Feet up on the sofa, cups of tea provided by George and focusing on the future and good stuff.

The chickens are so funny. When it rains, they stand and look up at it in a bemused sort of way, and don't know what to do, but they are only 12 weeks old! And they did learn very quickly how to make a dustbath in the Eglu run. Dotty is a French Copper Black Maran and Flo is a Gold-laced Orpington bantam, from the lovely Nicola at Torkington Poultry. They are joined at the hip, so if one has a drink, the other has to. They are very lucky chucks as we have a wormery, so endless yummy treats to fight over. Here they are, though it's a couple of weeks ago. Must take some more piccies!

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nic@nipitinthebud said...

Hi Lynne, welcome to the wonderful community of bloggers :o)
Lucky you having chickens (so we share a love of husbands called George and eggs then?).
Great to hear the damson chutney turned out well. It's a great choice for fundraising as you can't get anything like it in the shops. Hope it all gets snapped up.
cheerio and happy blogging. Nic