My Doggy Dazzlers

All the pictures below are of my Doggy Dazzlers salon customers. Sadly, I have had to close my salon due to ill health, but I wanted to leave my doggy photos, as I feel they are still part of me.

My first ever dazzling dog was Minnie, a sweet Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, who comes regularly for a trim.

Margot the Lhasa Apso was so good in the bath.

Mickey Finn's owner likes him clipped in a short cut.

Mabel the Bedlington Terrier Cross came for a short haircut.

Alfie is a sweet little Shih Tzu with a lovely new owner.

Amber is a lovely Cocker Spaniel who needs occasional trims.

Biscuit the cute little Shih Tzu puppy came for his first trim.

Brian is a Cairn Terrier who has a short haircut.

Charlie the Cavalier likes pottering in the garden.

Another Charlie, is a gorgeous black Poodle.

Cindy, a gentle Staffy Cross came in to have her claws trimmed.

Coda the Border Collie needed her dead undercoat removing.

Ellie the cheeky Yorkshire Terrier before her trim.

Henry the Lhasa Apso having a pedicure befire his bath and clip!

Izzy the Border Terrier came for a short clip.

Millie is a sweet German Spitz/Collie Cross.

Lottie is a cute Miniature Schnauzer who came for a short trim.

Malley the Toy Poodle is a sweet, cuddly boy.

Murphy the gentle Labrador Cross came in for a bath and brush.

Margot is a soft and fluffy Lhasa Apso.

Meg the 13 year old Springer Spaniel needed a snooze on the sofa afterwards.
Mimi the tiny Bichon Frise puppy had her first trim.

Another Mimi is a Pomeranian who needed her coat thinning.

Poppy and Honey are Cavalier sisters who come together.

Saffy the Labradoodle has lovely new owners who wanted her matted coat sorting out.

Sooty the Scottish Terrier came for a short summer trim.

Tessie is a lovely Border Collie who needed lots of dead undercoat removing.

Tia is another Cavalier. She likes to watch through the window.

Tillie the Border Collie pup came for her claws to be clipped.

Another Tillie, and yet another sweet Cavalier!

Tula is a cuddly Cavapoo having a snooze before her clip.

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