Saturday, 27 August 2011

The Ginger Ninjas are Here!

They may not look much like ninjas at the moment, but our three ex-battery hens were rescued from their horrid cages by Adele of the British Hen Welfare Trust (BHWT) and her helpers this morning, and what an amazing job they do, in difficult and upsetting circumstances. We collected them this afternoon, and have actually got four, as I presume they had some people not turn up, and we said we'd have a couple of the ones in poorer condition. They are all in the Eglu, which isn't meant for four, but they just need to settle in a small space, as that is what they are used to, then we will move them into the coop. We had moved our Pedigree Chums, Dottie and Flo into the coop last week, and they have settled happily in it. They now free-range as much as possible.

This is the ex-bat that looks the worst, poor thing, with very few feathers....
...and this one looks the best.
The other two are somewhere in between, and over the next few days we will watch them and check for any major pecking at each other, and any health problems.
Amazingly, within ten minutes of being put in the run, two of them were lying with their wings out, sunbathing.
It is amazing to watch how soon they start to do real chicken things, although they have never had the opportunity to do them before. Another was eating grass within twenty minutes, and when we let Dottie and Flo out to free range, they were so interested in each other, especially Flo and one particular chicken.
I can't wait to see the difference in these girls in a few months time, when they have grown some feathers and started to live life. It is so rewarding to give ex-bats a second chance, they will repay your love and care with eggs and endless hours of entertainment, so if you are thinking of having chickens in the future, please consider a few Ginger Ninjas!

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