Saturday, 13 August 2011

C and D - My Daughter, Chickens and Dogs!

C is most importantly for Claire, my younger daughter, aged 31 and living in London with James. They are both Landscape Architects and lead very busy lives, but at least now they have their own home at last, and are doing lots of work to it in the little spare time they have. They live in a lovely area, with lots of trees and heathland nearby.
C is also for chickens, which we have had for four weeks now, so they are fourteen weeks old. Dotty, the French Copper Black Maran will lay deep brown eggs, but we won't be getting any for several weeks yet, as she is too young. Flo's eggs will be small bantam eggs.
French Maran Eggs
In two weeks time, we are getting three ex-battery hens from the British Hen Welfare Trust. We had some a few years ago, and can't wait for the next trio of Ginger Ninjas! Below are pics of the first ex-batts we had.
The first day...

...and after lots of TLC!
D is definitely for Dogs. I have had dogs for most of my life, growing up with poodles, which were the only type of dog my mother would have. I loved them, and although I haven't owned one since, now I am dog grooming, I can cuddle poodles again, as well as make them look nice in my salon, Doggy Dazzlers.
Charlie After Grooming
Charlie Before Grooming

When I got my own first dog, I got a Border Collie, Dillon, who played with my babies as they grew, and tried to herd the potatoes by patrolling the veggie patch incessantly! He was followed by Honey, the golden Labrador, a lovely girl who adored cuddles and took herself off for walks, usually rolling in something disgusting, before she came home.

We got Ruby, our lovely retired Greyhound, three years ago from Tia Greyhound & Lurcher Rescue in Yorkshire. We told Bob at Tia what we needed in a dog, and Ruby was the one he chose for us. We took her for a walk in the rain, and knew she was the one. Thankyou Tia for giving us our perfect dog. She settled straight in, hogging the sofa and is definitely my heart dog. She is such a good girl with everything apart from (not surprisingly) chasing small animals, like rabbits, so we are trying to train her not to chase chickens now! 
 Ruby and Me!

She looks an angel, but this morning she rolled in some lovely fox poo on her walk, returned with attendant flies and had to be bathed before my customer came for its own bath!

Alfie the Shih Tzu has been adopted by a lovely new owner, lucky boy! He was very matted and smelly when she got him, needing a good bath and clipping short. He was scared, as he hadn't been before, but a DAP pheromone spray helped, along with Rescue Remedy, and he settled down in the end. Here he is...

...and After!

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