Thursday, 11 August 2011

Alphabet in August

Susy at Chiot's Run challenged bloggers to use each letter of the alphabet to describe themselves, each day throughout August (with Sundays off) and I have just found it via Nip it in the Bud. I am starting very late, so will do two letters a day till I catch up. I am changing it slightly to things or people that are/have been important in my life, so here goes....

A is for Animals - I have always loved animals, and in my childhood used to live opposite a farm. My sister, Jenny and I used to go and pick up the new chicks and I seem to remember feeding a lamb with a bottle, but I was also guilty of disappearing from the garden when very small, and being discovered, walking over the bridge in the middle of Farmer Lawson's cows, bringing them back for milking! I also remember playing in the field with my sister, not knowing the bull was in there too, and having to beat a very hasty retreat over the gate as it ran towards us! Wonderful memories of a 1950's childhood.

The field we used to play in. Sadly, the farmhouse is now derelict, so I guess the field will be built on before too long. 

I wish farming had stayed small scale, with livestock still having names like Daisy and Clover, and farmers getting local children involved, so my own children and grandchildren could have had similar experiences.

B is for Babies - The scent of a small baby snuggled up against me is a memory most mothers will say 'Aah' to. I adored my two babies and enjoyed being their mummy so much, watching each tiny step in their development. Then, becoming a grandmother twice and feeling the wonder of these perfect tiny souls again, was and still is wonderful in a totally different way. I wish I could put their lovely pictures on here, but sadly in these times, it isn't a wise thing to do.

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nic@nipitinthebud said...

a lovely take on the A-Z challenge - have enjoyed catching up on the rest of your posts. Sounds like you have a lovely family (including the chickens and dogs :o)