Tuesday, 13 September 2011

P & O - No, nothing to do with Cruising!

I'm doing O & P backwards, as P has caused O!

P is for Polly & Abbie's Garage Sale, as mentioned on earlier posts. The fundraising sale took place on Saturday, after frenzied activity in the kitchen, making preserves and baking cakes and dog treats. The Lurcher SOS sponsor woolly lurcher, Myrtle was on hand to open the sale and promote the jams.
After all the weathermen's threats of heavy rain and cold, we had a wonderful day, chatting to lots of lovely neighbours and local people.
We sold and sold to our hearts' content, until every single pot of jam and chutney, including raiding the pantry for jars we'd stashed away for ourselves, every single cake or piece thereof and nearly every dog treat was gone. Yet still more people came to buy, who were disappointed to find the edibles gone, so we took orders for more jam and scones to be made in the next week or so. Ruby spent most of  the time lying in her bed and being made a fuss of, but it was obviously much too tiring for a princess Greyhound!
The total raised on the day was an amazing £270, which stunned us both, and with the extra things we still have to make, it should eventually total around £300. Thankyou so much, New Mills people, you are all fantastic and very generous, and hopefully we can do something similar again next year, because we loved the social side of it. I know the money will help Polly and Abbie to get well and find loving homes very soon.

O is for Ouch! and Osteoarthritis, as I am now reaping the rewards of running up and down our front steps for cake and dog treats! My knee has swollen up in a big hard lump, so it's off to the doctor tomorrow, and I will have to rest for a while and hope this darned damp weather changes! I do hate the effects of ageing, but then, who doesn't!!


zooperson said...

Well done! I'll bet those jams were wonderful. Hope that Polly and Abbie soon fine a forever home.

nic@nipitinthebud said...

what a fab day of fundraising. Hope you're feeling recovered now

lynnep said...

Zooperson - Thankyou. It looks like Abbie may be about to get a new home, dependant on their dogs getting on with her, and Polly is in a lovely foster home, waiting and learning about life.
Nic - Yes, more or less, just a bit achey now, thanks