Monday, 5 September 2011

M is for Motherhood

I have loved being a mother from the first milli-second, adoring my two babies, then as they grew, toddlers, little girls, teenagers and now grown women, leading their own lives. They know I will always be here for them, just as my mum was for me, though there was a hiccup when I hit forty and lost the plot for a while, and I hope they have forgiven me for that. My mum would always be there when I got home from school, and would help with homework when necessary, especially English and French, which she loved. I have inherited my love of flower gardening and baking from my mum, as well as my love of language.

M for Motherhood came to me tonight, as my elder daughter Emma is due to send her little boy, Oliver to school tomorrow, so she is going through the bittersweet emotions of letting go of the youngest, seeing him grow up and wondering and waiting until it's time to go and collect him again. She, like us, has recently got chickens, and Emma is going to feel like the proverbial broody hen, wanting to protect her babies and keep them under her wing, yet having the courage to let them fly. We'll be thinking of you tomorrow, Emma, and you know where we are if you need a shoulder and a hug.
Oh boy, it seems like five minutes ago!

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