Sunday, 4 September 2011

George's Homemade Wine

Today we opened the first bottle of George's homemade wine and it's really nice! We got some demijohns from Freegle in order to make some fruit wines, but when we went to the brew shop for the rest of the stuff we needed, we were persuaded to try a wine kit. The idea was that as we wanted to make elderberry wine, and they wouldn't be ready for a few weeks, we could do the kit wine while we waited, as it's so quick. So we got a Pinot Grigio kit and tonight we had it with our dinner. It looks and tastes good, and works out at about £2 a bottle - can't beat that this side of the English Channel. So here it is, and next I think we'll be trying a nice little Rioja!

And it just happens that all but one of the bottles has a Pinot Grigio label on!

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